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About Geoinformatics

Master Thesis

Extracting Land Use and Land Cover Information from the Franciscean Cadastre using Object-Based Image Analysis and Convolutional Neural Networks

Bachelor Thesis

Geomorphologische Kartierung des Foisskarsee-Einzuggebietes

Selected Projects

Analysis & Modelling

Analysis and modelling in the context of geoinformatics refers to the use of geospatial data and techniques to analyse and create mathematical models to understand and predict patterns and trends in various geographic phenomena.

GIScience: Theories and Concepts

The seminar ‚GIScience: Theory and Concepts‘ covered selected theories and concepts related to the field of GIScience, which deals with the study of geographic information systems and their use in various fields such as spatial analysis and cartography.

Spatial Data Infrastructures

The seminar ‚Spatial Data Infrastructures‘ focused on the design, implementation, and maintenance of systems that allow for the storage, distribution, and management of spatial data, including geospatial databases and web-based geographic information systems.

Spatial Simulation

The seminar „Spatial Simulation“ was a course that focused on the use of computer-based models to simulate and analyse complex spatial phenomena and processes. For practical application the modelling platform GAMA was used.

Object-Based Image Analysis

Object-Based Image Analysis (OBIA) is an image analysis technique used to classify and analyse remotely sensed images by organizing the pixels into meaningful objects or features.

Advanced Remote Sensing

The course ‚Advanced Remote Sensing‘ was a course centred around the in-depth exploration of concepts and methods used in the field of earth observation, including UAV analysis, optical and RADAR image analysis and more.

Methods in Spatial Analysis

The course ‚Methods in Spatial Analysis‘ was a course centred around the exploration of methods and tools used for spatial analysis in geographic information systems. Serveral StoryMaps were created, covering topics from surface runoff to visual impact assessment.